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Why investments in IT and device security are often ‘misaligned with the actual challenge’


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A security expert with deep healthcare expertise offers his perspective on the contentious issue of medical device patching, and gives a preview of cybersecurity trends for 2022. Mike Murray, founder and CEO of Scope Security Mike Murray is founder and CEO of Scope Security. Previously a security leader at GE Healthcare, Murray founded Scope to focus on protecting medical devices and networks. He spoke at HIMSS21 on the subject, and also organized a panel with the FDA at the recent DefCon hacking event on the contentious issue of patching medical devices.

Healthcare IT News spoke with Murray recently to discuss the healthcare security environment – medical device security in particular – and what 2022 holds in store for cybersecurity.

Q. Please describe how you see the hospital and health system IT environment today, especially with regard to the security of computers and medical devices.

A. Traditional IT-oriented businesses (for example, banks, payers, startups) have a single technology environment – all of their systems are general/multi-purpose computers that perform traditional IT functions.However, while a hospital or health system has to manage a traditional IT environment like any other business, they face additional difficulty […]

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