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Why Is Healthcare a Target for Ransomware Attacks?


Ransomware is omnipresent. And healthcare is one of the most affected sectors with ransomware attacks, which is a big concern.

While data extraction and selling it off on the dark web is one part of the problem, disruption of healthcare services by ransomware makes it a matter of life and death.

Considering that the ransomware attacks on healthcare services are rapidly increasing, it is important you know more about it, how it works, and what can be done about ransomware targeting medical institutions. Ransomware Attack on Healthcare Services Is Critical

When it comes to your personal computer or a business, you have the choice to restore your data from a backup and move on.

But for healthcare services, any kind of disruption could result in the death of a patient.

Medical details or reports help doctors decide the next phase of treatment for any health issue. If a ransomware attack locks the data and makes it inaccessible, there will be drastic implications for healthcare services.And not just life-threatening disruptions: personal health data is a sensitive matter as well.When a ransomware attack leads to data extraction, all sensitive health information related to a patient is potentially exposed and put up for sale on the […]

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