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Why Is Lake Mead Shrinking? Climate Change Is A Major Reason


I clearly stated in a social media post earlier this week that water usage, natural variability, and climate change explained stunning images of Lake Mead released by NASA. However, a comment on one of the platforms said something like, “It wasn’t wise to build it in the desert and consumption outweighs changing weather year to year.” While aspects of this statement are true, there are parts of it that could convey misinformation about climate change. Several of my previous Forbes essays have dealt with the “naturally-varying climate” narrative. Let’s dig a bit deeper into why Lake Mead is vanishing, and “yes,” climate change is part of the answer. Landsat 7 imagery of Lake Mead over the past 22 years. NASA Earth Observatory When I first saw the comment, I thought to myself, “you can pretty much say that about any weather-climate related disaster.” People and businesses build things along the coasts even as we know hurricanes will always be a part of the landscape. Most homes in the United Kingdom do not have air conditioners. Roadways are constructed over creeks and rivers that inevitably flood. My point is that many things within our society are now being disrupted by […]

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