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Why So Few Are Mastering the Data Economy


(Krikkiat/Shutterstock) When it comes to the data economy, it’s early days still. There are big gaps between the types of data access and sharing activities that companies would like to be doing, what they are actually doing. That much was evident from this week’s Snowflake report titled “How to Win in Today’s Data Economy,” which showed meager private sector mastery of the data economy–but on the flipside, lots of room for growth.

Former Forrester analyst Jennifer Belissent, who is now Snowflake ’s principal data strategist, was the main author of the report. She sought to explore to what extent companies are actually participating in the data economy (versus what they claim to be doing), and finding out what is holding them back.

The report is based on a survey of 1,000 data and IT professionals at companies in multiple industries located around the world, as well as interviews with Snowflake customers. The participants were asked questions like: To what extent do you base your business decisions on data? Are you able to share data internally? Do you share or access data externally? And how confident are you in the quality of the data?

“It was really about how do you participate in […]

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