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Why technology alone can’t solve the government’s customer experience problem

Customer experience (CX) has been a buzzword in corporate boardrooms for several years, as companies look for ways to meet consumer expectations shaped by Amazon, Apple, and other tech giants. Now, the term is catching on in the public sector as well.

Forward-thinking agencies have realized that the expectations Americans have as consumers also frame their interactions with the government, and the President’s Management Agenda has made improving those interactions a top priority.

So why are federal agencies still struggling to catch up to airlines, insurance companies, and other private sector organizations when it comes to CX delivery?

Like many of their private sector counterparts in the early days of the CX revolution, agencies are heavily focused on making technology investments to solve their CX problems.

However, they seem to be forgetting that technology is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. It’s a tool that can help fulfill a promise to stakeholders — but what is that promise, and who are those stakeholders?

Defining the government ‘customer’ In the private sector, CX is a differentiator that can generate engagement and loyalty in highly competitive markets, reducing customer acquisition costs.

Most importantly, it can […]

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