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With Climate Change, Colorado Ski Seasons Are Getting Shorter


Aspen Snowmass recognizes the effects of climate change on the ski industry…and the environment in general.

It’s been a tough winter for many Colorado ski areas. Until recently, the central and northern mountains were starved for snow; meanwhile, the southern mountains were seeing more than their fair share, going against pre-season predictions.

But these flip-flops in forecasts and surprise storm patterns may become more common in the future. A 2008 report by the Western Water Assessmen t showed that statewide temperatures across Colorado had increased by two degrees since 1977 — a substantial warmup that’s continuing to affect ski areas.

“The impacts of climate change are going to differ from region to region but across the board, research is indicating a shortening of the ski season due to rising average temperatures and a reduction in snowfall,” says Natalie Ooi, head of the Ski Area Management department at Colorado State University. […]

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