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With new Healthcare.AI suite, Health Catalyst aims to boost an array of new use cases


Health Catalyst on Wednesday announced the launch of its new Healthcare.AI – a range of services and technologies designed with an eye toward helping clients gain ground on their clinical, financial and operational projects.

The analytics company says the new suite of augmented intelligence tools is meant to help customers tackle revenue, cost and quality challenges across an array of different use cases: ongoing COVID-19 response, compliance with new price transparency requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and healthcare equity efforts, to name just a few.

Health Catalyst notes that, while most hospitals and health systems have become well practiced in analytics, business intelligence and data-driven decision-making by now, many are still having challenges with more advanced AI algorithms.

“Self-service predictive models often require tailoring and expert guidance to achieve accurate predictions and results,” the company said in announcing the new Healthcare.AI suite. “Further, expert guidance is required to integrate predictive models into workflows, deploy broadly, and sustain positive change. Lastly, transactional predictive models do not address the many other use cases for AI in healthcare.”

So Health Catalyst says it designed Healthcare.AI to help broaden the use cases its clients could tackle, and the […]

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