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Without data analysts, even secure systems can hamper healthcare data infrastructure


Image Credit: Getty Images Countless industries are being impacted by an inability to find enough skilled workers. In the case of hospitals and healthcare systems, that labor gap often comes during the process of data integration.

Many health systems lack the sheer number of workers needed to perform advanced analytics. This hampers the organization’s ability to use data to drive decision-making, produce efficiencies and improve patient care. In other cases, the problem is an over-reliance on systems that aren’t secure.

No compatible source was found for this media. Yesterday, Kaushik Bhaumik , a partner and America’s leader for health technology at EY (formerly Ernst & Young), shared his views on how hospitals and healthcare systems can implement new ways of capturing and storing data . Today, he shares his take with VentureBeat on what is happening at hospitals and healthcare systems when it comes to data infrastructure.

VentureBeat: What are the most common data infrastructure challenges that hospitals typically have to deal with?

Kaushik Bhaumik : Major health systems not only house patient records electronically, but they must also analyze and process reams of electronic data. Many hospitals still do not have the analysts needed to organize data and pull […]

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