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Women’s Experiences with Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the KFF Women’s Health Survey


Key Takeaways

Women are more likely to have gone without health care during the pandemic compared to men, and women with health and economic challenges prior to the pandemic have experienced worsening health conditions as a result of skipping health care services during the pandemic. These gaps in care could translate into higher numbers of women experiencing severe health issues after the health emergency from the pandemic resolves.

People have been largely satisfied with their telemedicine interactions. The share of men and women who at the time of the survey reported having a telemedicine visit during the pandemic tripled since before the pandemic. But not all have had the opportunity or access to telemedicine. Older women, women with higher educational attainment, insured women, and women living in states that have expanded Medicaid are more likely to have had a telehealth visit during the pandemic. While telemedicine played an important role during the pandemic, is it still not clear whether it will continue to be an approach that providers and health consumers will continue to utilize at high rates as the risk of exposure to the coronavirus recedes.

Women with private insurance and Medicaid are nearly twice as likely to […]

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