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Woodlawn wellness center to bring holistic, alternative medicine in effort to fight healthcare inequality


CHICAGO (WLS) — “I think that there are enough, as they say, woke people now, who are going to keep the pressure on the whole system,” said Dr. Constance D. Shabazz, Salaam Community Wellness Center founder & CEO.

Dr. Shabazz is one of those people. She’s promising change in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood with the Salaam Community Wellness Center, which will offer holistic and alternative medicine when it opens in May.

“We wanted to make sure that not only were we addressing the disparities that have been long-standing in the communities, but we came in with a different model,” Dr. Shabazz said.

Dr. Carl Lambert said there have been conversations in the medical community over the past year about healthcare inequality, but not enough action.

“How are we embedding ourselves into the community to create systems and processes and stakeholders that will help our patients get the access they need,” asked Dr. Lambert, a Rush University Medical College assistant professor.

Dr. Lambert said social determinants of health, such as economic stability, neighborhood environment and education, need to be tackled to create lasting change.”Sometimes it’s a blame of, well this population — they did it to themselves,” Dr. Lambert said. “It’s not historically. There was withdrawal […]

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